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Professional Photographers in Mumbai

These days it seems as if everyone with a DSLR camera can take a photograph and pop it on to Facebook. What follows is a procession of family and friends complimenting that person's photographs, and suddenly they are a photographer. Why would you then pay a...

Oh yes, Happy Birthday to me !

The chapter 26 of my life begins today. It starts afresh and I am already gulping in the fact that I have entered in my late twenties. Taadaa! I am nearing 30, is it?! As a thought, it feels a bit scary yet brave, but I know even a couple of years down the line, I will still be as young as ever in my heart. 😉

Today, as I write this piece, I feel happy and proud of the life that I am living in. My hands are full, and God has been generously kind by blessing me the best things.

#Review: Shop till you sign out!

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

Happy Sunday to you! I hope this post finds you in the best of your health and “shopping spirit” 😉 ‘coz as promised, Ammu is here with her list of most amazing shopping websites to surf around! Are we ready?!

There’s this new something!

Hi everyone! Surely, I have to begin this post on a special note by extending my gratitude to you, for supporting me all this while and for being an awesome part of my world! Thank you! It's only because of your support that now this blog has climbed to over 10,000...

Shop, till you drop! –

Welcome to Ammu's Gallery! Presenting a whole new world of art and photography on fine quality merchandise, photographs, wall art, posters, greeting cards, home decor items and so much more. You can shop the most artistic things from my collection by clicking the...

Daughter of a legend

Being a legend is a rare blessing which God bestows on a very few people. I smile with innocence and my eyes sparkle with pride when I tell everyone that I am a daughter of one of those blessed souls, and that Prof. Kanwaljit Singh Dhudike was my father. A mourning...

Ludhiana to Bangalore via Chandigarh

Life is not how we imagine it to be, most of the times... Isn’t it? Well, this time on-board, it spelled its magic onto me. The black roaring smoke of events... expected, unexpected and full of shock, sudden and surprise. I thought of the blog-post in March to be...


The year 2014 sailed through beautifully and before I considered writing articles and posting photographs from the stock I kept gathering these months, the word 'Eternity' was keeping me bound and yeah am still flowing in its magical world 😀 Eternity here, comes...

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