This email screenshot of me sending an email to my father in 2013 might melt your heart 🙂 This is the most valuable piece of inspiration for my everyday and this is the first time I had discussed about Amrit Ammu Photography with my father, Prof Kanwaljit Singh. Here is what I wrote to him in 2013 about my photography business plan:
Amrit Ammu Photography, Prof Kanwaljit Singh

Like every little girl my dad was my super hero and I always thought if he gonna like my idea and give it a go ahead, then I can turn every stone coming my way. That was the confidence I had in him and also because he was an ace photographer himself to give an expert opinion on my novice idea. So when I sent this business plan email to him during my last semester of MBA in Hyderabad, he literally kept quite till the last day of my placement. Maybe he wanted to gauge something, I don’t know. It was only on the day of my convocation when I got placed, that he gave me a go ahead on my photography business plan. That’s when my happiness knew no bound and I was happier about his trust on me rather than my placement opportunity in a company.

 So forgetting everything else, I just headed back from Hyderabad to my hometown – Ludhiana to start “Amrit Ammu Photography”. I fine tuned various things, keeping the essence same. I failed many more times than I succeeded but my father’s eyes reflected the trust in me. It kept me going.
The journey had its own obstacles and my heart sinked to its bottom when I saw the darkest days of my life and lost my father to destiny in 2014, which was also the year when I got married to the love of my life. For the longest time, I was in a cocoon, thinking that my world was over and there is absolutely nothing which I can ever achieve in my life now. I always thought I was a failure that I couldn’t achieve the dream I promised my father. I also remember sharing about my grief with my best friend, Jasleen who has always always been there for me in this journey. The days piled up one after another and my better half – Manish made sure that I was alright. I owe everything to Manish as it was only because of him that I was able to look over this mishappening. Both of us had lost our fathers and we became each other’s strength to turn around our dark days and let those tiny rays of hope and happiness penetrate in our lives. Slowly, I restarted Amrit Ammu Photography from Mumbai, taking the same idea ahead 🙂
Today, it has been 4 years to this email I shared with my father, the dream on which I started working, and I am truly blessed to see it shaping up just the way I thought it would. Every time I do a photo-shoot, I feel my father’s presence around. My soul tells me that wherever he is, he is very happy and proud. No matter how much philosophical this sounds, but it is true that I no longer feel that he is away. I talk about him and his achievements with people as freely as ever. I just celebrate about him that how he lived his life to the fullest. It feels like walking a beautiful dream full of wonder, smiles and his blessings along the journey.
That is the reason why I say the label Amrit Ammu Photography is a place built on dreams, happiness and all the love in the world. More than a dream, my work makes me feel nearer to the soul who introduced me to the camera when I was only 10 years old! I thank my mentor and my father Prof. Kanwaljit Singh for making me whoever I am today. I feel blessed in every sense to be his representation. Thankyou everyone.
Amrit ammu photography, prof kanwaljit singh
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Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu
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