A beautiful blogpost that I read today was written by Jasmine Star and I really inspire her fluent way of living life and working towards her dreams 🙂 She is a happy soul and I much adore, how she has a sharp focus in life. Hey there, “Focus” Hello, Hello ? Focus for that matter isn’t a living thing that will talk or respond to me I know 😉 but I am always on a conquering mode for the same.

While reading her post today, I found some inspirational doze that smilingly, I am sharing below. All of us have dreams and all of us want to travel that extra mile to make things happen. So here you go, cross check everyone, if you too are going on the right track or not.

Step by step, in her own words she says:
“First, set your goal.
Second, vocalize your dream to your trusted allies.
Third, create an action plan to make things happen.
Even if it takes ten months or ten years to make it a reality, work toward it.
It’s liberating if you’re stuck in a windowless office and a sack lunch under your desk.
Trust me, I was there too.

Sitting on the rooftop at sunset made me realize how happy I was to have worked toward my dreams.
I hope wherever you are in the process of following your dreams, you don’t lean on your crutches
or hide behind veils of excuses…
Just Go out and make things happen”.


Awww 🙂 It’s been 5 months since I started working on my dream project and I realize that even in this short duration, I failed two times more than how much I succeeded, could convert half of the total calls received, earned about half the money expected and re-tried innumerable times to be able to climb that one step of the multi-leveled ladder I see hanging up there for me. With all the things that I might have done or might have not done is altogether a different story but I sense that little amount of satisfaction that enlightened up my heart for good, somewhere. Mine, as I see is a path finding story, enfolding into a new day everyday, a new story and then right before I am all set to go in my wonderland mode, I take a return, cool down, take a deep breath and envision of that beautiful long route trudging up in front.

Today, I am sitting in my backyard and embracing this moment, all of it as much I can, while experiencing the fall of the shiny sun onto me. It’s a good feeling and it is suddenly feeling cozy.

See you soon everyone. Do share your thoughts and views on inspiration and more. Would love to hear.
Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovingly,
Amrit Ammu

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