Sharon- Daughters Day

Being a daughter makes me feel so elated ! From being a little girl to when I will get granny old… Well, I will still be a daughter’ known for spreading happiness and joy all around my home πŸ™‚ This day which is specifically celebrated for daughters, is such a beautiful occasion to embrace the gift of the universe.
Happy Daughter’s day everyone !!

To celebrate the occasion happy, I made sweet flour halwa with almonds and raisins. My mumma surprised me with wishes, kindness and love while I heard her reminding my father of same. And to that, My daddy strongest replied, “Oh, but for me, everyday is Daughter’s Day” πŸ˜€

I am feeling a little nostalgic of my childhood days, so sharing a few “little me” pics right below. These were clicked back then in the 90’s by my so talented papa ! Yeah I am a 90’s girl *Giggles*

The images are copyright Kanwaljit Singh @Β Art Punjab.comKS2125_11111

That is Mom n’ little Me below πŸ™‚



I feel I am one of those lucky daughter’s who has her complete childhood captured forever in golden frames and that too, right from the time I was only 2 hours old πŸ˜€ Gratitude is all that’s on my mind now!

Thankyou for stopping by everyone, Wishing you a very happy day again..

Live. Love. Laugh. & Keep Smiling.

Yours Lovinlgly,
Amrit Ammu.

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